Project Description

Project A – Dental Clinic Replacement Project Description

The work includes minor selective site demolition, concrete foundation and slabs, reinforced concrete masonry and structural steel structure, modified bitumen roofing over rigid insulation and metal deck, exterior painting, aluminum windows, aluminum storefront entry, steel doors, wood doors, overhead coiling grille, masonry walls, metal studs and gypsum board walls, interior finishes, electrical power and lighting, HVAC systems, plumbing systems, fire sprinkler and alarm systems and incidental related work. Site work includes fire water service, potable water service, sanitary sewer service, underground electrical power service, exterior lighting, paving and miscellaneous incidental related work.

Project B – Solid Waste Management Center

The work includes the construction of a sanitary landfill with leachate collection and disposal system, an incinerator facility, recycling facility, fencing, access roads, truck scale, control building, electrical power system, communications system, water system, fire protection system, sewage collection system, closure on existing landfill, and incidental related work.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Diego Garcia B.I.O.T. (DCC SWM)