Project Description

The scope of work involved construction of a new Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Facility consisting of a 25,000sf two-story cast in place reinforced concrete building having reinforced concrete foundations and floor slabs, and cast in place reinforced concrete roof with insulated built up roofing. Features included interior electrical , mechanical and plumbing utilities, HVAC, data and communications wiring, overhead crane, lead-lined electromagnetic shielded communications rooms, high bay maintenance area, emergency standby generator with automatic transfer switch; life safety fire detection, fire alarm and wet pipe fire suppression systems; seismic protection; fiber optic communication system; administration, electrical, mechanical and communications rooms; new transformer and primary electrical power; exterior concrete pavement, water and sewer line, site improvements, site utilities, and incidental related work. Demolition included removal of asphalt pavements, reinforced concrete slab, metal building, toilet building and site utilities. Additional features of this temperature and humidity controlled building include unitary air conditioning equipment, a direct digital control system, central A/C refrigeration equipment and refrigerant piping, chilled water piping, and low pressure compressed air piping.

The contract also included rehabilitation of the existing fuel tank farm and protective berms to include new concrete walls and walkways; concrete stairs with metal railings; HDPE liner membrane; fuel piping and valves; foam fire fighting piping; pipe supports; installation of new JP-5 and JP-76 fuel transfer pumps, piping and valves; electrical controls and incidental related works. Demolition included removal of existing concrete piping and pipe supports. Hazardous materials remediation involved abatement of fuel contaminated soils by spreading and aerating.

Work further included demolition and removal of 4 barricaded module concrete pads and the construction of 4 munitions storage igloos having reinforced concrete foundations and floor slabs, pre-cast reinforced concrete walls and roof slabs, large steel frame rolling doors, ventilation systems, fire alarm system lighting protection system, electrical and incidental related work. Supporting exterior work included earth cover with concrete topping, reinforced concrete pavement and underground electrical and miscellaneous site work. San Juan Construction expedited procurement and construction to enable beneficial occupancy on 23 August 2003, nearly 10 months ahead of actual completion.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. (AIMF)