Project Description

The focus of this project is the design/build and renovation works at two buildings. The first is the renovation of the interior of building 728 and the design/build addition to building 728. The addition to building 728 is to accommodate the new standard terminal automation replacement system (STARS) commissioning. The second building, building 790, requires renovation of the interior. Construction includes the outside plant connectivity for the secret Internet protocol router network (SIPRNet) from building 780 to building 790.

The STARS equipment supports the upgrade of the radar approach control (RAPCON) in flight rules (IFR) system for aircraft flying in other than visual flight rules (VFR) environments and focuses particularly on aircraft landing at Cannon AFB.

Common to both buildings is the critical delivery schedule to be met. The interior renovation of building 790 includes the fiber optic connectivity. This was designed, constructed and commissioned with a BOD of 8/12/11. The renovation and D/B construction of the 3000 sf addition was completed with a BOD of 8/12/11. The contract scope was completed for the Raytheon Electronics Installation (E&I) Team to install the STARS equipment as required.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Cannon AFB, Curry County, New Mexico