Project Description

The IIT at Camp Pendleton, California is a type of MOUT facility intended to closely resemble close-quarter combat arenas typically found in Afghanistan villages. The IIT site shall consist of a Non-Live-Fire (NLF) training system that replicates a mock Afghanistan style village to support mixed reality immersive squad level training. This mock village shall provide realistic 360 degree training and function as a test bed for experimenting, improving and simulating small unit training objectives. The IIT facility is capable of withstanding the rigors of high intensity training and the impacts of Special Effects Small Arms Marking System (SESAMS) rounds, pyrotechnics, and battlefield effects.

Features of work include site demolition, clearing and grubbing, excavation, trenching and backfill; fencing, metal fabrication, traffic coatings, overhead coiling doors, painting, access flooring; electrical and communication services and systems, vibration and seismic controls; packaged diesel generators, lighting system, public address and ambient sound system, and general commissioning of systems.

Work related to Access Control Points of the project include installation of five (5) vehicle entry gates which are 20’wide x 10’ high; 980’ of perimeter helical razor wire on top of 10’ high concrete walls, and 1900’ of chain link fence with two (2) entry gates 10’ on center swing gates. Vehicle Gates are constructed of steel tube jamb and head frames. These are seismic rated heavy steel reinforced construction. All access points include a pad lockable slide bolt with welded hinges. There are five (5) lockable 3’w x10’h pedestrian entry access points. Pedestrian gates are a Venetian aluminum panel. There are 13 animal pens with lockable gates measuring 6’w x5’h. Panels are constructed of 1”x6’ wood planks.

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Camp Pendleton, California