Project Description

This project included demolition of a 41,000SF x 14″ concrete wharf deck midsection with 9300SF – 3′ thick reinforced concrete utility trenches and 3’ thick crane platform. New work included on-site casting, load testing and installing 68 prestressed concrete piles for 2 submarine fender mooring points, bulkhead improvements and crane foundation support; installation of steel sheet piles to facilitate utility trench and crane foundation construction; dredging to remove existing subsurface material and debris in the lagoon prior to pile installation; curb repairs below mooring fittings; concrete pavement; reinforced concrete and pre-engineered steel building; oil-water separator and tanks; low-pressure compressed air plant; electrical substation, pad mounted transformer and power mounds; water distribution system; sewer, oily-waste, high-pressure nitrogen, low pressure compressed air, and salt water fire protection lines; fiber optic and copper wire telecommunication systems; utility trenches and outlets along the face of Wharf B; sewage lift station and force main; and incidental related work. The wharf has two designated halves with one half being required to remain in operation during the entire construction period, which required special scheduling to enable ongoing Naval operations.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T.