Project Description

Remodeled bathroom
Installation of Air handling units.
Entrance view of NGIS18
Backside view of Naval Gateway facility.

Building NGIS 18 is a 2-story, 32-room reinforced concrete frame with CMU infill structure built in 1982. No major improvements had been undertaken on this facility since it was constructed. The building components and utility systems were old and increasingly deteriorating, and renovations were planned in order to cure life, safety, and energy deficiencies which were generating high maintenance costs and usability lapses.

The scope of work included:

replacing built-up roofing; replacing the plumbing system, air-conditioning units, ventilation, and electrical systems; replacement of the fire alarm system; vinyl, carpet, and non-skid coatings, ceramic floor and wall tiles, and installation of quarry tiles; replacement of drywall ceilings and walls; asbestos abatement on floor and wall tiles; replacement of wall coverings and gypsum board walls; repainting both exterior and interior surfaces, including scraping/removal of portions of flaking paint; lead abatement of painted surfaces on doors, drywall, ceramic tiles and concrete; installation of safety railings on the second floor; replacing doors and windows; and repair of the overall drainage system. The project also included modification of the facility per ADA/ABA (Americans with Disabilities Act/Architectural Barriers Act) requirements, including the necessary walkways and common areas.

Contract Number

Contract Name
ST-09-2475 Repairs to NGI&S-18, Facility #177 (SJC-BVIL SJC Managing Member)

U.S. Navy Support Facility, Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T.