Project Description

This contract required various repairs to the existing 12,000 foot long by 200 foot wide concrete runway. Spalls and other damaged section of the runway were cut out with concrete saws, chipped with power hammers, and washed/vacuumed with special vacuum machines. The debris and water was then removed from the site by the use of transit mix trucks. The prepared portions of the runway were then coated with a bonding agent and non-shrink grout was placed, leveled and cured. Approximately 1000 cubic feet of non-shrink grout was used in the repairs.

Cracks in the runway were repaired by routing the cracks with a powered routing unit. Debris was removed by using high pressure water blasting equipment and vacuums. Bonding agent was then applied to the crack edges, a backer rod was installed and a joint sealant was placed. 4,800 linear feet of cracks were repaired.

Existing construction joints had old joint sealant removed. The joins were then routed and/or cleaned with ultra high pressure water blasting. Backer rod was then installed and a sealant was placed in the joints. Approximately 170,000 linear feet of joints were repaired/resealed.

The entire runway was ground to improve traction. This work involved the removal of a thin surface layer of hardened concrete using closely spaced diamond saw blades. A water/vacuum system worked in conjunction with the grinding system to clean the surface and remove the ground debris (2,400,000 sq. ft.). Effective planning, management and execution enabled the completion 26 months ahead of the CCD notwithstanding differing conditions of the existing pavement structure.

Repair of 12,000 ft x 200 ft concrete runway at Diego Garcia. Work includes diamond grinding texturing of the ends of the runway, grooving of the runway, spall repair, crack repair, joint sealant repair, runway pavement markings and incidental related work.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. (Runway S)