Project Description

Rehabilitation of the existing steel-pile supported fuel pier required demolition of the entire existing structure above 1.0 feet MSL to include deactivating and removing all utilities, the existing fuel line, lighting and communication systems, fender piles, mooring dolphin, and storage building, demolition of the entire 8” thick reinforced concrete deck and salt water intake lines; removal of the steel beam superstructure and demolition of the mooring dolphin, cutting 68 steel H-piles one (1) foot above MSL and removing encrustations;. New work included installing 68 – 24”and 30” diameter cast-in-steel shell (CISS) pipe piles over the existing H-piles and up to 20 feet below the mud line and filling the pipe piles with concrete to encase the existing H-piles; installation of n94 pairs of new 180’ long steel sheet pile bulkhead driven to 25 feet below the mud line 2 feet seaward of existing bulkhead, and filling the void with concrete; replacement of all steel stringers and pile caps, installation of new pre-cast concrete deck panels, cathodic protection installation, reconstruction of the mooring dolphin, installation of timber and rubber fenders and mooring cleats, installation of relocated utilities to include electrical, mechanical, telecommunications and portable fire protection, installation of a new below deck fuel distribution system included valves, piping, manholes and appurtenances, construction of a new 85’ long aluminum and stainless steel walkway from the pier to the mooring dolphin, and dredging 1,988 cubic yards of material to provide 15 feet MSL at locations adjacent to and under the pier. SJC also constructed was a new 84 square foot storage facility as part of this project.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Roi-Namur, US ARMY Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands