Project Description

Work under this Design Build project provides for the construction of a new water treatment facility capable of producing 1,200,000 gallons of drinking in the Cantonment area by replacing the existing water plants in the Cantonment area and Air Ops areas. The new 9,250 SF water treatment facility incorporates pre-filtration, nano-filtration (NF) membrane technology and has the ability to maintain combined chlorine (Chloramine) residual in the distribution system. The new structure will house the pre-filtration system, NF treatment systems, variable frequency pump systems, valves, meters, control room, main office, 1,000 SF storage room, UV disinfection system and chlorine injection system room with an outside entrance. Demolition works include the removal of existing utility poles and fence, and relocation of existing overhead power and underground communication wiring.

Additional work includes provisioning of pipelines and pumping stations for raw water and potable water to connect the Air ops area to the Cantonment area. Modify piping and furnish a pumping system to divert from the Air Ops site to the cantonment site.

Completed 2015.

Contract Number

Contract Name

U.S. Naval Support Facilities, Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T.