Project Description

Follow-up work to complete the observatory (30,000 sq/ft) and support building (7,000 sq/ft) to include all electrical, including a standby emergency power system and uninterruptible power supply; mechanical work, including a 4,000 psi hydraulic system to maneuver the 30 ton mirror, HVAC; interior finishes, non-conductive computer flooring, doors, windows, ceilings, and metal stairways. Work also included suspended concrete slabs. The site elevation of this project is 13,800 feet. Along with this extreme altitude, adverse weather conditions prevailed. Project also included connecting utility systems and site integration work. This project afforded SJC the unique opportunity to also become involved with the Native and historical populace and issues. SJC worked closely with the surrounding community and the Client to proactively identify issues and resolutions acceptable to all parties, while still maintaining the construction schedule. In addition the construction work effort had to be scheduled to avoid interference with the Client’s accomplishment of its mission. SJC willingly complied by adjusting off-hour work schedules, uniquely coordinating activities to circumvent disturbance of local businesses and to guarantee the sanctity of the site, and endeavors to comply with the culturally sensitive (floral and fauna) issues encountered.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Haleakala Hawaii (Gemini Telescope)