Project Description

The scope of work involved the construction of nine residential/commercial buildings of various sizes, with six of those being 2-story buildings. The construction project was located in the live training area of Fort Irwin, which required San Juan Construction to keep in constant communication with Parsons and the Army about training rotations that may affect construction during rotations. The most crucial aspect of the construction required the buildings to be constructed to Iraqi quality standards which are much less stringent than a typical US government or Commercial construction project. The overall size of the building footprints is 10,000 square feet consisting of reinforced concrete foundations, columns, and floor slabs. Walls consisted of unreinforced brick and CMU masonry with interior plaster and exterior stucco. The roofs consisted of either: 1) waterproofed concrete slabs with fill dirt placed directly on the slab to serve as insulation, followed by 6 foot square concrete pavers sealed from moisture penetration; and 2) metal joists with metal decking.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Ft. Irwin, Iraqi Village, Barstow, CA