Project Description

This contract required the removal of the existing concrete ramps; scarifying existing sub grade to a depth of 3 feet followed by regarding and compacting; placement of a new 22-inches thick 254,000 square feet non-reinforced PCC ramp with 21,705 linear feet of doweled joints, backer rod and joint sealant. Work also included installing grounding rods, aircraft mooring eyes, striping the new pavement and installing a new ramp lighting system. All contract work was performed by San Juan Construction to include mobilization of all material necessary for the work, demolition of the existing PCC ramp, preparation of the sub grade. Work was performed on and immediately adjacent to an active airfield, and San Juan’s activities were controlled by operational and security requirements of the Air Force and Navy. San Juan followed special requirements for working on and in proximity to runways, scheduled work to conform to aircraft operating schedules and enforced Government aircraft safety precautions. Effective planning, management and execution enable completion 33 month ahead of the CCD.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Reconstruction North Ramp Aircraft Apron, Project N, Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T. (North Ramp)