Project Description

Construct four new concrete pavements to support prefabricate B-2 Bomber Shelter Systems (B-2SS). Each apron is approximately 40 m by 76 m with a pavement structure consisting of 520 mm of non-reinforced PCC and 300 mm of base course. Jointing and striping also were provided. Each apron is surround by a concrete shoulder that has a pavement structure consisting of 150 mm of non-reinforced PCC and 150 mm of a base course. The project also includes installation of a new substation building to house a transformer and electrical switchgear, and the relocation of existing utilities; i.e., water lines, fire hydrants, electrical ducts, drainage swales, and incidental related work. Project was completed 4 months ahead of schedule.

Contract Number

Contract Name

Construct B2 Aircraft Parking Aprons, Project J, Diego Garcia, B.I.O.T (B2 Parking Apron)