In addition to our top-quality construction services, San Juan Construction adheres to the highest standards of safety. SJC recognizes the inherent dangers associated with the construction industry. Whether it is working in remote areas, in inclement weather, using heavy equipment, on elevated structures, or using power tools. SJC understands how these daily activities affect the safety, health and welfare of our workers
SJC employs a team of experienced safety professionals that identify, assess, and mitigate these and other hazards encountered on our job sites. SJC’s safety team members then apply appropriate behavior based safety techniques and industry best practices while ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance with OSHA Standards while helping build a positive safety culture. Our safety team assists our employees in proper job planning, personal protective equipment usage, and health monitoring just to name a few. SJC has a comprehensive safety program that includes ongoing training for our safety staff and supervisors to help them properly recognize hazardous conditions and behaviors and then implement the proper corrective actions when needed. SJC provides new-hire safety orientations as well as ongoing safety training for all of its employees.

Our successful, comprehensive safety program not only ensures that employees are protected from the potential hazards of the industry, but also benefits the employer and the consumer by controlling the expense of workers’ compensation and alleviating the burden of lost workdays due to injury or work-related illness. Our comprehensive safety program results in improved safety performance and increased operational efficiency. It is SJC’s vision to continue building on our positive culture that promotes “Safety First, People Always”.